Monday, February 14, 2011

The Allure of the Human Face

I find myself compelled to integrate imagery of the human face into much of my work. A persons face can act as a window into their thoughts.  I look at the physical body, or a persons face, as a shell we can often hide behind; but also as a way to express our thoughts, and emotions.  This is one reason in particular that you will often find faces emerging from sections of my work.


  1. for me it is always the eyes that were and are still so important when I look at a figure or portrait piece. I know it's cliche ... but the eyes are the windows to the soul. the story begins and ends within the eyes for me.

  2. your faces are very shell-like, I see them as objects, not individuals. I'm not reading any emotion or thoughts behind them.

  3. I am curious about your statement that a face can be a "shell we can often hid behind". I have always thought of a face as quite the opposite, and that being the reason for masks. What are your thoughts behind that?