Monday, April 18, 2011

RULES- # 1

More often I hear people calling out the rules of being a "True Artist." You're not truly an artist until . . .
    You can't be a "REAL" artist until you have at LEAST 10 shows at venues approved by the "Art    

Well, what art world are we talking about here?  The wealthy people buying our work?  It can be important to the survival of an artist wanting to live off of their work to put it out there in a place where it can be seen; BUT that is up to the individual maker.  I do not believe someone is lesser of an artist because they don't have the same recognition as the next person.  People need to decide a purpose of their work.  Is it just for the maker and people in the social world of that person?  Or, is it for the world to see?   There is an awful lot of work that I find cliche' that is out there in major museums that I feel are more just a concept than an actual physical piece of work... I don't find these people to be more artistic or more of an artist simply because their work made it into a museum.  


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