Friday, April 1, 2011

What is your definition of Contemporary Art?

Contemporary art

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Contemporary art can be defined variously as art produced at this present point in time or art produced since
World War II.  The definition of the word contemporary would support the first view, but museums of
contemporary art commonly define their collections as consisting of art produced since World War II.

- There are many varying perspectives and definitions of Contemporary Art.  Is it up to people today to define
the present, or simply experience the here and now?  Should we leave defining current art to future generations?
Who is responsible for defining avant-garde, or contemporary?  Wealthy art collectors? Museums?  Artists?
The public?  I find it difficult to swallow definitions of Contemporary Art whole heartedly when its course in
history has not yet been completed.  How do we define something fully that has not ended?  When do you think
it will end?

I feel it is important to restrain from trying to fit ourselves and our work into what people believe to be the box
of contemporary art.  It is vital to the life of one's work for the artist to follow their heart when making art.  Only
then will it reach it's fullest beauty and vitality.  The question now is how do we make our work known to the
world?  It is one thing to make work, but an entirely different thing to offer it to the world, and have it be accepted.

Please feel free to comment on these questions to carry on the conversation of Contemporary Art.

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