Monday, April 18, 2011

Rules- #2

You can't be a "REAL" artist until you are dead and gone and people rediscover your work . . .

O.K.  This is ridiculous.  You are not an artist until people discover you after you are dead?  Really?  I feel as if some people try to dismiss the value of living artists and their work.  It's as though there is this strange stigma with some people that artists just simply don't make art.  They make things and then LATER it magically turns into art.  Now, this statement is not about the obviousness of artists' work becoming more valuable after they die.  That goes without saying simply because there is no longer a chance for that artist to make more work-therefore the value of their work is raised. . .  This is about the degrading of living artists.  I will also say, that there are many people out there that DO appreciate living artists and their work.  I am just responding to statements I have heard from more than one person.

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